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Please place your order by Friday 11/11/22 at 12:00 PM (noon CST) so it will arrive by 11/17/22.

Extended Deadline is Monday 11/14/22 by 7:00 PM (CST).

Not guaranteed by 11/17 if ordered after Friday 11/11/22. 

Your claim code will work on 1 of the 4 boxes below. 👇
You can enter your claim code at checkout in the promo code area 😊
You will only be able to get ONE box, so only add to cart once or it will result in your order being cancelled or put on hold. 

  1. Click the box.
  2. Add the box to your cart as a one time purchase (NOT subscription)
  3. Click checkout.
  4. Fill out your shipping and billing address. (The billing is required even though the box is a gift.)
  5. Choose free shipping!
  6. Click continue to payment 
  7. Copy and paste your code into our promo code area. (This may be a drop down menu if on mobile. If on desktop/laptop, it will be to the right.)
  8. The total should go to $0.00. BE SURE TO CLICK COMPLETE ORDER otherwise your order will not go through and we will not ship a box to you. The claim code ONLY works on 1 of the 4 boxes below. Anything else that is added to the cart you will be charged for. 
  9. Be sure to get the confirmation number and confirmation email. Once you have that, we will ship the box the next business day. 
  10. You will receive a tracking number once it has been shipped to track the box on its arrival. Please let us know if there are any issues or if you have any troubles at checkout. Live chat, email (info@snackboxusa.com), or text us (612-355-3895).

4 products

4 products