Bulk Ordering FAQ's Info | SnackBOX Care Packages

Common Bulk Ordering FAQ's for shipping to multiple addresses, sending claim codes, or ordering bulk to one central location.


You have three ways to send in bulk.

  1. Submit a spreadsheet of addresses
  2. Offer claim codes for recipients to order on their own at no cost to them
  3. Drop Ship (Bulk to one Location)

Check out our Gifting and Bulk Orders info page to read about each one.

When you are ready - fill out our bulk ordering form and that will officially get you on our calendar and in shipping que.


We have a free option (highlighted on the packing slip) and an upgrade option (Color printed postcard). Upgrade is $0.50 per box.

Yes... and no.

Yes - if you are doing the free option.

No - if you are doing the upgrade.

Yes - when you fill out the bulk ordering contact form it will automatically create an account on our store. You may need to activate it, which is done via email.

No - everything is done through email at this time.

You will be sent a quote when you fill out the bulk ordering contact form. From there, when you are ready, you can pay online like a normal checkout.

We can do credit, Purchase Orders, Check/ACH payments.

YES!! We are now offering the option to custom print the outside and inside of your snack box.

Please note this is an additional charge.

Fill out the bulk ordering contact form and select "customized snack packaging" to be sent more information about custom boxes.

At this time we do not offer customization of individual snack boxes. We do have a large variety of boxes to choose from to meet most dietary needs. (Gluten free, Vegan, Kosher, Keto and Nut sensitive)

Normally 2-10 business days with most arriving in 5 business days.

We do have expedited shipping available if you are in a rush.

Most often we can get your order out the door on the same day or next day. It all depends on quantity and when you submit all of your information/payment.

Want to learn more?

Head on over to our Bulk Ordering Information tab under Gifting and Bulk Orders in the menu to learn all you need to know.