Sending Claim Codes

What are claim codes?

Claim codes allow you to email a one time code to your recipients. They can fill out their own shipping information at checkout so you can avoid any privacy issues from your company/program when sharing addresses through a spreadsheet.

Our claim codes only work once.

Code Options

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Option 1: One Specific Box

This option allows you to choose one box from our site.

We would make a private branded landing page that includes your logo and gift message for your recipients on our site. This allows them to only choose one box.

You would then simply send your recipient the link to the landing page along with their claim code via email. Then go through checkout like a normal order, and use there code in the promo code section.

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Option 2: Specific Dollar Amount

This option allows you to pay a specific price point for each person where the recipients can choose any of our boxes on the site, even if they want to pay extra for a larger box than what the claim code amount is.

Our claim codes only work once. This is not a gift card. Any left over funds cannot be used on a second or future purchase by the recipient.

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Option 3: Multiple Boxes

This option allows you to choose multiple boxes. The landing page on our site would only be for your group so they cannot choose a box that is not in your picks.

If you choose boxes in different price ranges, we cannot refund the difference back to you.

Example: Code works for $24.99. Recipient buys a $16.99 box. We cannot refund the difference back to the sender.

Here's How it Works

Step 1: Code Option

We can offer claim codes in many different ways depending on your event. See above ^ for the available options.

We cannot do 1 master claim code as we have experienced fraud in the past. All codes are unique (GIFT-123456) and must be sent via email merge (We do not send the codes to the recipients because it lands in their spam folder).

Google Sheets Tutorial: Watch Here

Word, Excel, Outlook Tutorial: Click below

How to do an email merge via Outlook

Step 2: Box Options

Depending on the option you choose, we can discuss what boxes best fit your event.

We suggest picking boxes within the same price range to make things easy.

Please see the above option 2 for more clarifcation about left over funds.

See All of Our Box Options Here

Step 3: Logo/Gift Message

Please email us the logo you want to use on the landing page as well as the gift message you want your recipients to see when they order their box on the site.

We cannot change the font on the landing page.

Custom Inserts are allowed for claim code orders. Additional $0.50 per box.

See Pre-Made Inserts

Step 4: Expiration Date

If you have a deadline these boxes need to arrive or be ordered by, we can have the codes expire on that date.

Expiration dates are not required, HOWEVER, they do have an expiration date of 1 year from the start of your campaign where there is no refund available.

Once the campaign is done, you may request a refund for any codes that were not used if it is within the 1 year of the start date. Please note that there will be a 10% restocking fee if you choose to have your codes refunded. Other options instead of a refund can be shipping the left over boxes to one location or using them on a future purchase.

See Example Landing Page

Step 5: Landing Page

The landing page will be created once you have steps 1-4 completed.

Please email us all the information from steps 1-4 so we can create your landing page to review.

Call or text if Urgent (612) 355-3895

If there are any changes that need to be made, let us know asap.

Contact Us Here

Step 6: Shipping

Free Shipping is included in the box price. (2-10 Business days with most arriving in 5 days.

Expedited shipping available upon request.

There are a couple different ways we can ship your boxes.

1. As the orders are placed, we would ship asap.

2. We can wait for everyone to order and then ship out all of the orders on a specific date so they all arrive around the same timeframe.

Please let us know which you would prefer via email.

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